No longer accepting clients, due to my own upcoming birth and maternity leave, through 2017. I am still happy to connect you to other doulas or resources in our area if needed.

Unconditional Support for Your Unique JourneyI Doula. No matter what.

Welcome! I am honored that you are here. I believe passionately in compassionate, non-judgmental support, for whatever your individual needs are, and that every woman should feel nurtured, capable and heard during her birth experience. Each woman’s journey is unique; each birth is unique. As your doula, I will do everything in my ability to help you make your plan a reality, to believe in you, and to also be there if there to help you navigate any twists or turns along the way.

So what exactly is a birth doula, you ask? Think of me as a birth consultant or birth coach. I’m there to encourage you, to help know the options and resources available, and to help you find your voice. I don’t speak for you, but I do make sure your voice is heard. I help you with positioning and comfort measures. I stay by your side, offering continuous support as you confidently, joyfully birth your baby.

Having had my own cesarean and subsequent VBAC, I have a special place in my heart for healing experiences regardless of outcome. I currently serve as one of the leaders for the KC chapter of ICAN. Having been trained through Stillbirthday, I also love to support rainbow pregnancies, and can provide support for all trimesters and outcomes. So whether you are planning a VBAC or planned cesarean, whether you know you want an epidural asap or you want all natural unmedicated and as few interventions as possible (or some where in between!), whether this is your first baby, a rainbow baby, or your sixth, I look forward to meeting and supporting you. ♥